Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cool wood!

We heat primarily with wood. It is Greg's goal to not have the furnace come on till 3 a.m. (Makes reading in bed a chilly event!) Making firewood on the neighbor's fenceline last week he found a really cool piece of Slippery Elm. Even though it's about 9" across I think it will still make pretty thread holders. He says it will darken as it oxidizes -- starts greenish-gold but will end up a nice reddish brown.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quilt ladders

Greg just finished three beautiful quilt ladders. They are 5' tall with four 24" rungs. The ladders are 18" front to back as the base, so you only need a little space to show off 4 or 5 of your favorite quilts. Available in black walnut, maple or cherry (left to right below) - $145

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quilt stands

Below are quilt stands Greg has created. They are sold through a couple of our local quilt shops as well as directly. They are 5' high and the top "keyhole" part is made of 16 segments. He makes them in cherry (on the left), walnut (on the right), pine and maple. The best part is you can display a very large quilt by pulling more to the back and a tiny quilt by just folding it over and pinning it. E-mail Greg for availability. $145s

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peacock smalls

Leslie here - tomorrow I head for the Needlework Guild of Minnesota's retreat. It's a fabulous event. Saturday night there's a vendor room and Broken Wheel Woodworks will have a sale table. Greg has made a special box to fit the peacock smalls Pam designed (box lid, needle case, scissor fob). Also a sampler that will fit on the hornbook or in a frame (my WIP). The designs will be freebies with the purchase of a box. Here they are in all their glory!

The boxes and hornbooks come in a variety of lovely hardwoods. Here are the boxes that must stay home due to lack of hinges.

And here is the box and cart Greg made for me to transport the goods. (Don't tell the Candaces with whom I'm traveling {my sister Amy calls them the Candi} because I don't think there will be room for their jammies in the car now!)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not woodworking, not stitching ... dog!

Here's our pup, Ifor - he's a fluffy Cardigan Welsh Corgi (the corgi with a tail). Fluffy is a "serious confirmation fault" in the world of show dogs but we think his fluffiness makes him all the more special

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's finished!

Pam finished the little peacock sampler! Isn't it fabulous (and wee)? I love everything about it - the birds, letters, absolutely everything, especially her little signature pug in the lower right. Wonderful! When it arrives I will hemstitch the edges and mount it on the hornbook and post it yet again. Because I know you, dedicated readers, will want to see it in its final form. You do, don't you?

It was my fervent hope that I would get it stitched on 32 count over 2 by retreat but ... I'm now stitching like a madwoman on a sampler I MUST get done. I've already warned my retreat roommate that I'll be lace mounting at midnight the day before show and tell.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Peacock sampler

Here's a WIP Pam designed for a hornbook Greg will create. This is stitched on 28 count over 1 and as usual her stitching is beautiful! This is a sampler pattern she designed for us to sell with a hornbook at the upcoming Needlework Guild of Minnesota retreat in August. I'll stitch it on 32 count over 2 and we'll frame that one. I love it!

Peacock smalls for a box

Leslie here: I love smalls! I love stitching them and the thought of using them. The finishing? Well, not so much but I'm going to keep trying. Here's my plan. Ask Greg to make a wooden box for stitching tools, split it in half so it will lie flat on a table while stitching. I've finished stitching these now on to the finishing.

Top to bottom - scissor fob, needle case, inside lid of box (which will include a pincushion attached to the little blank rectangle in the middle). My pal Pam's the designer - she created these patterns just listening to me blather on. Aren't they great patterns? The color choices are mine.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prairie Schooler Stitching

Happy Sunday - I hope everyone had a good weekend because you know what tomorrow is - MONDAY!

Leslie here to show you some stitching. I belong to a group that's stitching the Prairie Schooler A-B-C's. My most recent photo is above. Next is D (for drum) - I've got a pretty good start but certainly not getting one a month stitched as was the original plan!

If you'd like to see the other stitchers' progress here's a link:

Later, Leslie

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greg's frames & my stitching...perhaps a match made in heaven?

A cross stitch designer recently inquired about a simple frame for a exciting is that! Her request brought to mind two frames that I not only have photos, those photos include stitched pieces. Will wonders never cease! The first photo is of Blackbird Designs' Blessings and Kind Wishes (LF31) stitched in 2008 for my sister Claudia's birthday. Greg's frame is a lovely cherry that's perfect for this sampler. And...there will be no mention of which birthday Claudia was celebrating. ;)

The second photo is Birds of a Feather's Happy Hearts I stitched as an anniversary sampler for Greg and me. The frame is butternut with walnut squares in the corners and as always Greg chose just the right wood to complement my stitching. Now if I would actually mount my stitching in the frame it would look spectacular. Sigh...soon...really, I mean that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The whole shootin' match! (or at least a lot of it)

When I asked Greg to photograph all of his creations this is what he "built" in our front room. From top to bottom: Thread sticks in calendar holders and WIP floss boxes, business card cases, assorted boxes of all sizes on the tiered table with the big beautiful chest at the front. I've tried to commandeer that chest for my stitching linen ... to no avail. I know! He probably thinks I don't have enough linen to fill it. Note to self - watch for linen sales (preferably Lakeside or R&R).

Enjoy Kentucky Derby day! Leslie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Dogs framed...delish!

My pal Pam just sent me a pic of Carriage House Sampling's Garden Dogs that she stitched way back in '07, but just had Greg make the frame. She sent Greg her stitching mounted and asked him to make a frame of his own choosing. She's thrilled with the way it turned out and, if I do say so myself, so am I! She said that's why she wanted Greg to choose a frame for her because she never would've known to choose that particular wood. I'll have to check again with Greg to get the name of the wood he used, but wanted to post this right away. (Update - Greg says it's Box Elder wood)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Battledore and Hornbook

Here are pictures of a peacock freebie (compliments of on a battledore and a hornbook. I stitched the entire sampler for the battledore and my friend Pam in Arkansas stitched it for the hornbook. Pam's is on 32 count fabric over one thread! She's an amazing stitcher. Mine still needs to be hemstitched but I've temporarily moved on. There's a little 3" rule in the picture for size reference.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Business Card and Calendar Holders and Boxes

Want to display your business cards in a classy box? All have dovetailed joinery - variety of woods (FOR SALE - $20)
You'll be able to use this fancy calendar holder for years! They're made from a variety of woods and as usual, dovetailed. You can load it up with either the Cross Stitch or Quilt Pattern-A-Day desk calendar from (FOR SALE - $45)

Did I mention how much Greg loves to make little boxes? They're made from a variety of woods and lots of different sizes. The thinner ones lie flat when open; all have tiny magnets embedded to keep them closed. I covered up the pretty wood with some stitching and take it to all stitching events - it's always loaded and ready to go! (FOR SALE - $25 and up)

The cabinet everything in this post is photographed on was also made by Greg. We found the old drawers in the attic of my parents' home when we got it ready to sell. We have no idea where they came from!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Firewood storage

Here's Greg's project du jour - it's a firewood storage building on the old corn crib base. Still a work in progress. He's already making firewood for next winter (so he says - I think he's just scouting out good wood to turn into little boxes!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Wee hornbooks (3" wide x 4" tall not including handle) in a variety of woods (cherry, walnut, maple and red pine). Stitch a nametag, add twisted cord, hemstitch to avoid fraying and voila! No more paying EGA $.25 per meeting because you forgot your nametag. Mine's a work-in-progress. I have the crown, peacock, key and Corgi (a Cardigan with a tail of course) -- just can't choose the last motif! (FOR SALE - $10 without holes - $12 with holes)

Here's a great way to display your treasured embroidery scissors. My case (2nd photo down) is shown on the wall - I see missing some scissors! Greg put a piece of fancy birdseye maple in the middle spot for a decorative touch.

He's installed a special cleat that helps the case lie flat against the wall and tiny little dowels for the scissor handles.

The case below is made of cherry and will hold 15 pairs of scissors. (FOR SALE - $70 )

The case below will also hold 15 pairs of scissors. It is made from walnut. (FOR SALE - $70)

Serving trays

These serving trays are very handy at parties or picnics and decorative when not in use.

The tray on the right measures 10 x 16" and is made of tiger walnut. The curve of the sides matches the ends. (FOR SALE - $75 )

The tray below measures 12 x 19". The sides are cherry and the bottom is a variety of fancy maples with purple heart and walnut inlay. Note the cool decorative sides and the dovetailed joinery. (FOR SALE - $90)

Three tiered table

Today I'd like to show you a neat little table Greg made. All three tiers of this one are made of wood. He made a glass topped one for a Christmas gift last year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Needle Cases

These needle cases are approximately 6" x 2-1/2", and about 1/2" thick when closed. Two tiny finger holes in the front make the case easy to open. There is a 1-5/8" piano hinge on the back. When open the case lies flat - one side is lined with felt, the other with a sheet of magnet. It will hold a small pair of scissors, threader, floss, plus lots of needles and pins. Perfect for next to your favorite stitching chair and compact enough to slip into your travel bag or purse. You never know when you'll have a chance to stitch!

Below - top to bottom:
1. Maple with tiger walnut inlay - $25
2. Butternut with tiger walnut inlay - $25
3. Butternut with tiget walnut inlay - $25
4. Maple with tiger walnut inlay - $25

Below - top to bottom:
5. Walnut with curly maple inlay - $25
6. Butternut with tiger walnut inlay - $25
7. Curly maple - $20
8. Walnut with curly maple inlay - $25