Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prairie Schooler Stitching

Happy Sunday - I hope everyone had a good weekend because you know what tomorrow is - MONDAY!

Leslie here to show you some stitching. I belong to a group that's stitching the Prairie Schooler A-B-C's. My most recent photo is above. Next is D (for drum) - I've got a pretty good start but certainly not getting one a month stitched as was the original plan!

If you'd like to see the other stitchers' progress here's a link:

Later, Leslie

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greg's frames & my stitching...perhaps a match made in heaven?

A cross stitch designer recently inquired about a simple frame for a exciting is that! Her request brought to mind two frames that I not only have photos, those photos include stitched pieces. Will wonders never cease! The first photo is of Blackbird Designs' Blessings and Kind Wishes (LF31) stitched in 2008 for my sister Claudia's birthday. Greg's frame is a lovely cherry that's perfect for this sampler. And...there will be no mention of which birthday Claudia was celebrating. ;)

The second photo is Birds of a Feather's Happy Hearts I stitched as an anniversary sampler for Greg and me. The frame is butternut with walnut squares in the corners and as always Greg chose just the right wood to complement my stitching. Now if I would actually mount my stitching in the frame it would look spectacular. Sigh...soon...really, I mean that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The whole shootin' match! (or at least a lot of it)

When I asked Greg to photograph all of his creations this is what he "built" in our front room. From top to bottom: Thread sticks in calendar holders and WIP floss boxes, business card cases, assorted boxes of all sizes on the tiered table with the big beautiful chest at the front. I've tried to commandeer that chest for my stitching linen ... to no avail. I know! He probably thinks I don't have enough linen to fill it. Note to self - watch for linen sales (preferably Lakeside or R&R).

Enjoy Kentucky Derby day! Leslie