Sunday, August 5, 2012

Closeups of details

Stitchers have requested close-up pictures of the details of Greg's work and here they are!

- Tiny embedded magnets hold the box closed in your workbasket or you can pick various metal clasps:

- Metal hinge:

Or handmade wooden hinge - matching or contrasting wood. Box below is a "frame and panel" lid with a base.

- Beautiful box joints. The box is built as a complete carcass and the lid sliced later so the grain matches.

Ready to go to Needlework Guild of MN Retreat

Here is the display of goods we will be taking to Needlework Guild of Minnesota's retreat. Footstools, thread boards and hornbooks, a new workstation, WIP floss boxes, needlecases, treasure boxes, a large tray, small trays, pincushions and business card holders.

Will be a fun week of classes, stitching, laughing, show & tell and Sale Night.